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School bus seatbelt poll

Should school buses have seatbelts?
Jimmy Fitzmaurice, 13-year-old Grade 8 Smithers Secondary School student steered a school bus to safety while another student pulled the emergency brake after the driver suffered a medical incident. (Deb Meissner photo)

The debate for students to wear seat belts on school buses is constant, but with a SD 54 bus sliding off the road last month on a road leading down from Hudson Bay Mountain, and a runaway bus last fall, the question is at the forefront of many parents’ minds.

However, safety experts, including the Canada Safety Council, do not believe seat belts on school buses would improve safety. There is no scientific evidence that lives would be saved.

Others say an extra layer of protection is important.

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Should school buses require seat belts?

A school bus slid off an icy mountain road recently in Smithers. No children were onboard at the time, and the driver escaped without injury. (FaceBook photo)