Sonja Lester - Hard Copy

Sonja Lester - Hard Copy

Smithers finds ways to spread Christmas cheer amid pandemic

Sonja encourages people to get involved in the giving spirit

When Muheim Elementary school took a procession to the Meadows for Remembrance Day to honour their Big Buddies they also brought them a letter with a picture and stories about themselves: their Little Buddies.

Liliana Pesce, their teacher was told the residents gathered around the bulletin board, a board that they often ignore, drawing out and savouring the visit. Although they couldn’t party together a division that brainstormed found a way of caring and bringing excitement.

To support Brooke Richmond and Payton Ferguson’s Passion Project food-hamper-drive we can give a student going to that school some food to donate.

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Each classroom will have a box for students to fill and send to the Salvation Army.They’ll join in the sorting of food under the guidance of the Salvation Army team.Brooke and Payton are also going to be part of the kettle program, ringing the bell and encouraging passersby to drop in some Christmas cash.

Kathy Ismond and I took a trip to Vancouver for a doctor appointment a few years ago.We stayed with friends, Pat and Sharon McGinnes in Langley.

Pat has been a lifelong member of the Lions Club and the night we arrived they were packing up an amazing box of Christmas gifts.They had been given a family to help out.

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There were toys very specific to the age of the children along with an entire Christmas meal preparation.A gift certificate for a turkey, ham and fresh produce.A Christmas tablecloth with napkins and candles.Kathy and I had just done a Costco shop and were excited as we raced to our car: we knew we had something of value to contribute too, chocolates and candies.

Perhaps the children of the parents given the hamper will remember a table set with pride and joy and with candles glowing.

With thoughts to share to help us through a Christmas in a COVID-19 pandemic please call me at 250-847-4414 or e-mail Sonja.lester.b.c@gmail.comThe deadlines for the 24th and 31st papers will be the 16th and 22nd respectively.

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