Jerk Trump better than moral degredation Trudeau

Jerk Trump better than moral degredation Trudeau

Writer on a recent Spice of Life column by Brenda Mallory, plus her response.

An open letter to Brenda Mallory:

I always read your Spice of Life column in The Interior News each week and enjoy your way of writing.

And like, I’m sure, all your readers, some of your writings are liked and others not liked, or some we can fully agree with and others not so. Your column in the Sept. 5 issue is one of those writings that I can say I dislike as it involves interpretation of people’s character.

Read Brenda’s column: And who would you like to meet?

I’ve had other discussions with people who get all riled up about various people and like always I ask them where they get their information from, and when it comes to political figures I can pretty well assume that they and you have never met, in this case, either McCain or President Trump so your information comes from another source.

Have you never heard that saying, “don’t believe everything you hear or read?”

Most of our info today about political figures comes from the media. Media has always been biased, but it seems especially in this day and age they are super biased and for that reason I take what I hear on the mainstream news outlets very lightly and especially when they get involved in character assassination, which they really seem to like.

What I would like to see instead is what such people like President Trump is doing or has accomplished, and strangely enough the mainstream news outlets rarely report on this.

I think I would prefer a jerk who is accomplishing much for his country over someone who looks good, has nice hair and charisma but is ruining the country by his flippant spending, and leading the country in moral degradation.

God bless and keep up your good writings.

Don Tuininga

Brenda’s reply:

Thank you very much for your insightful comments about my last column. It is appreciated.

We all have different views, which is a good thing. When I write an opinion piece like that, I do a great deal of research.

I value character and honesty above all else. Lying and racism are over the top for me.

My own integrity is at risk if I don’t consider character, truth and goodwill. As you may or may not know, Al was a Métis person who was often maligned because of his race. Why? Darned if we could come up with an answer.

So I thank you again, but I will continue to study and learn all I can and always come down on the side of fairness and honesty.