An ongoing struggle with poverty

Summerland woman relies on regular support from food bank

Salvation Army surpasses fundraising goal

Going into the last week of the campaign the Salvation Army was $15,000 short of their kettle goal.

Home birth the first birth of 2018

Angelique Lalonde and Lynden Sherman are Bulkey Valley’s newest parents.

Rethinking gut reaction on downsizing

Lorraine is feeling a bit lighter these days as she has some community calls to join.

  • Jan 12th, 2018

A continuing story of living in the North

Brenda explains why she stays in the North, even if a bra or two get burned in the process.

  • Jan 12th, 2018
Smithers Polar Bear Plunge
VIDEO: BVCS students perform African Bell Carol
VIDEO: Robotics club puts on a show
Just curious: The Langley Advance puts questions about Christmas to youngsters

Show on the road

Dancers brought the show to seniors in Smithers.

  • Jan 9th, 2018

A few sightings in the frozen forest

I marvel at all I see when I wander through my forest. How lucky we are!

  • Jan 5th, 2018

Addresses to create new memories in a new year

Events that benefit others and one’s self.

  • Jan 4th, 2018

New BVCS app keeps parents connected

Bulkley Valley Christian School has a new mobile app called MyBVCS.

  • Jan 3rd, 2018

First Smithers community polar bear dip

About 40 people took the plunge into the icy waters of Lake Kathlyn on New Year’s Day.

Parents joked that maybe they’d have the New Year’s baby

Baby Caleb was born in Prince Rupert on Jan. 1. 2018 to Felicia Noseworthy and Kenneth Park

Ukrainian couple’s café lands in Smithers airport

UFO owners are hosting a Ukrainian Christmas Dinner at the Old Church on Jan. 6

  • Jan 2nd, 2018

Making a New Year’s resolution of hope

Brenda gives the resolution concept a good hard look.

  • Dec 29th, 2017

Ninety-nine reasons to be glad you’re Canadian in 2018

We are fitter, have more sex, drink less, are better educated and brave cold better. Not bad, eh?

  • Dec 29th, 2017

Part III: Saving an Indigenous language by teaching adults and creating an app

A multimedia series with videos and photos from a community Sm’algyax class on B.C.’s North Coast

Smithers vet helps deliver Christmas presents for pets of Laxgalts’ap

Pets in remote community Laxgalts’ap (formerly Greenville) in Northwest had Christmas wishes granted.

  • Dec 28th, 2017

Video and photos from BVCS Christmas Concert

Children from kindergarten to Grade 9 performed last Thursday at Smithers Christian Reformed Church.

Robotics Club puts on a show for Grade 4 students

Grade four students got a chance to ask members of the club questions and play with robots.

‘Twas the night before Christmas

Happy Holidays from Santa Claus and Black Press