Vaccination volunteer finds clinic work positive and rewarding

Sonja looks forward to what she is sure will be a great experience because of the people involved

Across the Valley - Sonja Lester

Across the Valley - Sonja Lester

While waiting to get my vaccine I have been watching the news but our valley grapevine is fast and dependable.

Each senior has been rapidly phoning other seniors. Appointment times filled up quickly.

My vaccine will be today and I spoke with Robbi McNight.

She volunteers, with many others, to help at the vaccination site. She finds it a privilege to be part of something so positive.

Be assured that when you arrive you will be greeted by someone in our community who will do your screening: hand-sanitizing, give you a surgical mask to wear and check your health and your medical card. Robbi is proud to be part of a team so positive.

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They treat the volunteers wonderfully and she notes that the professionals won’t waist a single dose, so if you get a call that you can come in early it’s because someone else didn’t show up.

After waiting the required time, after his vaccine, a gentleman came out and said, “It’s the biggest social event of the year.”

My daughter was playing with a band on the USO tours and was telling a story to soldiers in Japan, Guam, the Martial Islands and South Korea that her mom had ordered baby chicks but was having a problem. They were dying.

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I would order more only to have them die as well. I finally went into the feed store for some help and advice. I asked for help because I didn’t know if I was planting them too deep or too far apart.

It’s April 1 today and I hope we all get to have some fun before noon.

Whatever our faiths or beliefs, I pray we all be blessed this Easter weekend, whether by Zoom, a small church or family gathering or out enjoying the fresh air.

I am appreciative of my faith. Long before COVID-19 I would imagine that when I get to another life I will be putting on a backpack and checking out the planets.

Right now I enjoy the vision of children hunting for eggs.

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