Taxidermist grateful for help received when igloo collapsed

Sonja celebrates the coming of spring and Bulkley Valley people and happenings

Across the Valley - Sonja Lester

Across the Valley - Sonja Lester

Ted Moon, of Adams Igloo Wildlife Museum, is thankful for the immediate help he got from family and friends when the roof collapsed on his landmark igloo at the side of Highway 16 west of Smithers.

The top centre came down and, thankfully, most of the wildlife specimens were on the outside perimeter wall.

The crew, working together, got the mounts into a container with only a few small ones lost. He is still able to do his taxidermy work in his shop underneath. Like the spring weather he is going to wait and see, for now, what comes next.

I am waiting to get the vaccine against COVID-19 and I contemplate, on the bright side, that we must have a lot of people over 80 years of age here in Northern B.C.

My young friends in Idaho were walking through Walmart and they heard on the intercom, “If you want the COVID-19 vaccine come to the pharmacy.” Now they wait for their second dose.

Four days before spring was here officially, eight of us did a 7-km walk on top of the snow. One of the girls said that the squirrels and Steller’s jays are having a standoff game in her yard!

The Steller’s fill their crop (craw) with peanuts and leave when the squirrels show up. The squirrels in turn give it up when the Steller’s swoop back in. Spring is here in our valley.

Beloved valley resident, Rosemary Fox, who passed on Jan. 20 this year, moved to Smithers with her husband Irving Fox to retire in the valley. Quickly she was highly regarded for her volunteer work. She ‘worked tirelessly on a range of environment and species conservation initiatives.’

Her family is hosting a virtual memorial for her on March 27th at 11 a.m. You can contact Mary Fox at if you are interested in an invitation.

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