Smithers fire hall is where the noon time siren emanates from. (Thom Barker photo)

Noon-time siren poll

What should Smithers council do regarding the noon time siren?

There has always been spirited discussion regarding the noon time siren that goes off every day at the Smithers fire hall.

The Interior News recently ran in Editorial regarding the necessity of the siren, that generated many comments.

Many people feel the noon siren is a tradition to Smithers they would like to keep, others find it an annoyance.

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Kids at Muheim Elementary School asked Interior News columnist Deb Meissner recently if she could get the Town to stop the noon-hour siren.

Their concern was for their new classmates who come from parts of the world where a siren might mean they are about to be bombed.

One of the explanations for the noon blast over the years has been the need to test the siren daily, to ensure it is in proper working order, yet the siren is not used when a fire or emergency is called in to warn people on the road the trucks will be coming, so the messaging about the siren is confusing at best.