Poll on gun laws

Do you like the federal government’s proposed new gun restrictions?

  • Mar 21st, 2018

Poll on voting age

Do you think the voting age in B.C. should be lowered to 16?

  • Mar 15th, 2018

Web poll: electoral reform

Did you fill out the Province’s electoral reform questionnaire?

  • Mar 8th, 2018

Greyhound web poll

How should governments respond to Greyhound passenger service ending?

  • Mar 2nd, 2018

Budget web poll

How did you view the B.C. budget?

  • Feb 21st, 2018

Web poll

What do you make of the Senate’s decision to delay recreational cannabis legalization?

  • Feb 15th, 2018
Walking Argentina to Alaska 2
Walking Argentina to Alaska
Beckie Scott in Hazelton
Bulkley Valley Child Development Centre tour 3

Web poll

Enough snow for ya?

  • Feb 8th, 2018

POLL: What system should we use to vote in B.C.?

There are five options listed by the Province for how we could choose our governments.

  • Jan 31st, 2018

Tax exemption web poll

What do you think of Smithers council’s downtown mixed use tax exemption plan?

  • Jan 24th, 2018

Web poll on hunting regulations

Do you agree with the new hunting regulations proposed by the Province?

  • Jan 17th, 2018

Web poll

Is the 24-unit supportive housing complex the right approach to end homelessness in Smithers?

  • Jan 11th, 2018

Web poll 2018

What’s your outlook on 2018 as we plunge into a new year?

  • Jan 2nd, 2018

Web poll

That perennial classic: happy holidays or merry Christmas?

  • Dec 19th, 2017

Web poll

How should the Province handle Greyhound’s request to end passenger service in the North?

  • Dec 13th, 2017

Web poll

What do you think of the Highway 16 billboards leading into Smithers?

  • Dec 6th, 2017

Web poll

What do you think of changing the name for the Skeena-Bulkley Valley federal riding?

  • Nov 29th, 2017

Web poll

What’s the best way to enjoy winter?

  • Nov 22nd, 2017

What do you think is the best way to pay for sidewalk construction?

Smithers Mayor Taylor Bachrach put forward a notice of motion to avoid more sidewalks to nowhere.

  • Nov 15th, 2017

POLL: What do you think of the electric charge station installed in Smithers?

Electric vehicle charging station was installed as part of the Second Avenue parking lot.

  • Nov 8th, 2017

Web poll

What do you think of Bulkley Valley School District not endorsing field trip due to terrorism fear?

  • Nov 1st, 2017