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B.C. ice cream maker battles shrinkflation one sweet spoonful at a time

Tax-avoiding 500 ml packages ‘still snack size if you believe it is,’ says 49 Below
The almond croissant, a partnership between 49 Below and GoodSide Pastry House, is a good example of upcycled ice cream options at the Oak Bay ice cream shop. (File - courtesy 49 Below)

A Greater Victoria ice cream maker is gathering praise online for coining the the term growthflation in an increasingly shrinkflation world – by evading the tax.

“While other companies are shrinking product size down, we’ve invented Growthflation which we think is so much better,” 49 Below announced on social media.

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Prices on pints have frozen in place since Dan Edler started the boutique business in 2015 – delivering ice cream to the door. As prices keep rising, so do costs of making ice cream. So when it came time to adjust pricing, 49 Below thought outside the box.

Instead of making smaller tubs for the same price, or simply increasing the price, the company shifted from 473ml to 500ml packages.

“According to the government, this changes our ice cream from a ‘single-serving’ snack to a grocery item, which means no more tax,” 49 Below wrote. “You’ll now receive more ice cream for the same cost at the till, and we have more flexibility to cover our rising costs. It’s a win-win-win-win situation.”

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Buy the pints at the shop 2575 Cadboro Bay Rd. in Willows Plaza or several markets in Greater Victoria.

Find a full list at

They’re quick to add a caveat: “Now, don’t worry, the government can’t dictate how you enjoy your pint. Go ahead, get a little crazy, it’s still snack size if you believe it is.”

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