Wyatt Grice has been visiting Neil Worsfold at Four Corners Barber all his life. Neil recently welcomed Jessica Meadows to the Four Corners Team.

Extra time for your trim — Smithers staple welcomes a fresh face

With more staff, this barbershop can open longer hours and offer convenient cuts

  • Oct 19, 2020


An infographic released by the U.S. CDC in 2017 that outlines which types of facial hair work with face masks and respirators. (CDC)

Should you shave your beard to stop COVID-19? The U.S. CDC has a guide

Facial hair could be a big no-no if COVID-19 reaches pandemic status


Lia Crowe’s with Kande Whitehouse

Lia Crowe’s with Kande Whitehouse

Hair salon onwer chats about her passions

  • Feb 3, 2020