Des McKinnon (Putz McMulligan) got creative with his tombstone. (Facebook photo)

Des McKinnon (Putz McMulligan) got creative with his tombstone. (Facebook photo)

Tombstone event wraps competitive golf season

Ron Van Driel wins event by making it to the green on his 19th hole before maxing out

The Smithers Golf and Country Club wrapped up its competitions for the season with the popular Tombstone event, open to anyone with an official handicap.

Each participant gets a target score based on their handicap (i.e., a 10 handicap would be shooting for 82). Once that score is reached, the golfer puts their tombstone in the ground. If at 18, the target has not been reached, the golfer starts again at number 1 and continues until they are done.

Ron Van Driel took home the top prize of $100 by making it onto the green at the first hole.

Aaron William and Dennis Williams were not far behind making it to just off the number 1 green for second place ($50) and third place ($25) respectively.

Spencer Walton was first out on his fourth shot at number 15 taking home the booby prize of $30.

The young pro shop employee said it was the worst round he has played in three years.

Some golfers got very creative with their tombstones. For example, Des McKinnon’s tombstone read: “Wife said if I choose golf over her again she’ll kill me. Here lies Putz McMulligan.”

Although the competitive season is done, the course is in fantastic shape and will be open until the snow flies.