Smithers Bowl changed from wooden to synthetic lanes during renovations recently.

Smithers Bowl changed from wooden to synthetic lanes during renovations recently.

Smithers Bowl rolls out lane upgrades

The Smithers bowling alley is getting a facelift.

The Smithers bowling alley is getting a facelift.

Jason Kennedy, one of the owners of Smithers Bowl, said he and his wife Salina are planning on updating the look of the interior and exterior of the building on Alfred Avenue in the coming years.

“Probably next year, we’ve going to put in a ‘50s look. We’re looking at getting a mural painted on the walls like a drive-in diner. We’re going back to the retro-type idea,” said Kennedy, adding that his wife came up with the theme.

“Everybody thinks of a bowling alley as this glum place, but we want to provide a cool retro-idea,” he added.

Most recently, they finished upgrading the bowling lanes from wooden lanes to more durable long-lasting synthetic lanes.

They also have a glow-in-the-dark finish that will boost the feel of the incoming theme, added Kennedy.

“It provides a newer, fresher look for us and it provides that glow-in-the-dark atmosphere,” he said.

Except for a few minor changes such as putting in new carpet and counters, the 60-year-old bowling alley has not received any major renovations, prior to the $40,000 lane upgrades.

“For us, it was an investment to show our bowlers that we care,” said Kennedy. “We like the sport, we care about the sport . . . We’re just trying to promote the sport and give our bowlers the newest, latest and greatest.”

They’re also looking at putting up a new sign in the next month and re-doing the siding during the summer.

Karmen Richter, an avid Smithers bowler whose three kids are in the YBC program, is excited to start bowling on the new lanes.

“I think the community is looking forward to the upgrades,” said Richter.

She noted that synthetic lanes play differently then wooden lanes.

“It’s going to be an adjustment for a lot of the bowlers who have been here for many years. Because the wood lanes take a little bit more strategic planning whereas the new lanes should be fairly flat and straight,” said Richter.

Business has been steady since 2007, but Kennedy hopes the renovations will also help boost the local economy.

“In the last few years, the economy is taking a hit, people can see that businesses are investing and wanting to bring people in the community. Smithers is a nice clean, thriving community with the new rink . . . We just want to do our part and freshen things up,” said Kennedy.

Smithers Bowl re-opened Monday after being closed for four days last week due to the renovations.