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Saltos perform well at major tournaments

Results from Kelowna Grizzly Classic and Prince George Invitational

Over the past two weekends, Smithers Saltos Competitive Team Gymnasts travelled both south to Kelowna for the Grizzly Classic Invitational, and east to the Prince George Invitational for competitions with hundreds of athletes from across the province in attendance.

These were a pair of three-day competitions in which female gymnasts competed in four events: beam, uneven bars, floor and vault.

Smithers Saltos coaches Lori Saffel, Ava Morrison, Alison Hudson and Chloe Collingwood coached 23 Saltos gymnasts in Prince George and 12 Saltos gymnasts in Kelowna.

There were some amazing results for the Smithers Saltos Canadian Competitive Program and Xcel Program athletes.

Kelowna Grizzly Classic Results:

Silver Overall Level 4: Kynslee Butler - Silver Overall in both Prince George and Kelowna on back to back weekends! In Prince George Kynslee won Silver Overall with a first on uneven bars, second on floor, fourth on beam, fifth on vault. In Kelowna, Kynslee won Silver Overall with a first on beam, second on uneven bars, third on vault and floor.

Silver Overall Level 6: Peytanne Brockley won Silver Overall with a score of 35.425/40. Peytanne placed first on vault, second on uneven bars, fourth on floor and ninth on beam.

Gold on Floor Level 7: Hannah Robinson received a special award for having the “Greatest Presentation” for her floor routine. Hannah placed fifth on beam and eighth on vault and uneven bars. Fourth Overall Level 4: Lumina Wilson placed Fourth Overall with a score of 35.125/40 in Level 4 with a second on beam, third on vault, fifth on floor and sixth on uneven bars.

Personal bests were achieved by Ruby-Mei Meyer (Level 6 - 6th Overall); Emma Hols (Level 6 - 9th Overall); Kathryn Leffers (Level 5 - 10th Overall); Taylor Anderson (Level 3- 6th Overall); Taylor Jaarsma (Level 3: 9th Overall); Evelyn Stam (Level 3 - 11th Overall); Anika Northcott (Level 4: 10th Overall); and Rheanna Leith (Xcel Silver: 11th Overall)

Honourable mention goes to the dedicated athletes who scored 9+ out of a possible 10 points or placed top 3 at the Prince George Invitational May 5-7, 2023:

• Kynslee Butler Level 4: Uneven Bars 1st place 9.550, Silver Overall 35.525

• Cathy Sommerfeld Level 3: Uneven Bars 2nd place 9.300, Floor 3rd place 9.000, Bronze Overall 35.725

• Cadence Koehmstedt Level 3: Floor 2nd place 9.025

• Kaiya Staplin Level 3: Uneven Bars 3rd place 9.100, Vault 9.200

• Kenzy Remillard Level 2: Vault 2nd place 9.675

• Adelynn Junkin Level 2: Vault 1st place 9.775

• Aria Menzel Level 2: Vault 8th place 9.100

• Fiona Simpson Xcel Bronze: Floor 1st place 9.600. Bronze Overall 34.600

• September Hughes Xcel Bronze: Vault 2nd place 9.183

Honourable mention goes to the dedicated athletes who scored 9+ out of a possible 10 points or placed top three at the Kelowna Grizzly Classic Invitational May 13-14, 2023.

Taylor Anderson Level 3: Uneven Bars 5th place 9.100

Kynslee Butler Level 4: Uneven Bars 2nd place 9.250, Beam 1st place 9.200

Lumina Wilson Level 4: Beam 2nd place 9.125

Peytanne Brockley Level 6: Vault 1st place 9.250, Floor 4th place 9.225

Ruby-Mei Meyer Level 6: Floor 2nd place 9.350

Emma Hols Level 6: Floor 5th place 9.050

Hannah Robinson Level 7: Floor 1st place 9.500

Saltos athletes achieving personal bests:

Audrey Junkin, Aubree Hansen, Zoey

Williams, Orla Cunningham, Skyla Braaksma, Vesper Mazur, Rheanna Leith,

Surayah Hug, Makenna Leffers, Keely Matthews, Anaya Schipper, Holly Grice

Kynslee Butler, Canadian Competitive Program Level 4 beam routine. (Jessie Butler photo)

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