Royals go undefeated over the weekend

The BVCS senior girls’ basketball team went undefeated during a play dayl last weekend.

The BVCS senior girls’ basketball team went undefeated during a play day, beating Hazelton and Smithers Secondary School last weekend.

“It was good, everybody is getting lots of playing time which is good because we have a couple of injuries,” said head coach Ron Van Driel.

“It’s good for our team to see that we don’t lose anything just because someone is hurt.”

First up, the Royals tipped off against the Hazelton Spartans at home. The Royals’ offence gave Hazelton a run for their money and easily went up 25-0 in the first quarter.

It wasn’t until the second quarter when the Spartans finally found the backboard.

The Royals more than quadrupled their lead, winning 77-16.

“The competition allowed us to do a lot of things that we need to work on,” said Van Driel, noting that 10 of 12 players scored points.

“Our layups were better, our passing was really good. We were more balanced in our scoring, which is better for our team in the long-run.”

Forward Flora Badi finished the game with 16 points.

“We got to practice our offensive plays that we’re definitely going to need,” said Badi, adding that the team had solid passing and communication.

Shortly after, the Royals had a tougher time against the Smithers Secondary Gryphons.

It was a lot of back of forth between the two teams. The Royals were up 24-10 after the second quarter. The Gryphons managed to come within eight points after Morgan Monkman sunk a fowl shot late in the fourth.

But the Royals managed to hold the Gryphons at bay and pulled out the win, 50-42.

“It was a little bit more of a test for us,” said Van Driel. “We just went back to our offence, which is just pushing the ball up the floor and we got some fast-break baskets which is good for us.”

“I thought we moved the ball well and transitioned. We scored a lot of fast-break points, we communicated not bad on defence and we had a couple of big three-pointers., said Gryphons head coach Matt Lowndes.

The Gryhpons were supposed to play the Spartans, but Hazelton left early after a disappointing loss to the Royals.

Charles Hayes Secondary was supposed to play as well, but the road conditions prevented them from making the trip.