One hundred and thirty skiers and snowboarders took to the slopes up Hudson Bay Mountain on Saturday for the last competition of the season.

One hundred and thirty skiers and snowboarders took to the slopes up Hudson Bay Mountain on Saturday for the last competition of the season.

Riders Shred the North

Mountain hosts final competition of the season; Schnai Day up next

The Smithers Ski and Snowboard Club in conjunction with Rayz Boardshop, held the final big race of the season at Hudson Bay Mountain last weekend, the annual Shred the North competition.

A record 130 people, from as far away as Whitehorse and Alberta came out to the competition.

“It was the best event we’ve ever hosted together,” Smithers Ski and Snowboard Club coach Jan Wengelin said.

“And I am pretty sure it was the biggest event that we have seen in B.C. this year, except for the Canadian Championships.”

Last month, the SSSC moved its last alpine race of the season to coincide with the Shred the North competition, allowing riders the option of registering for both events.

And, instead of the usual medals, podium finishers received prize money and swag.

“The kids really love that stuff,” Wengelin said.

“We had a lot of great prizes donated.”

Rayz owner Jason Krauskopf hopes the partnership will continue.

“It was a flawless event,” he said.

“One of the main reasons is because we have struck a great partnership with the SSSC. Gary and Jan and all the volunteers did great job.”

“The biggest thing that gave me a thrill was seeing families there, laughing and smiling,”Krauskopf said.

“We had one family with kids, a mom an uncle and a grandmother all out and having a great time.”

“One of the things Jan does really well is making sure the track is fun and safe.

“You don’t need to have the scariest course out there and that way everyone can take part.”

On Saturday, the SSSC hosted the final alpine race of the season, the GS.

“It’s a bit of a cliché, but the kids skied really well, even better than their potential,” Wengelin said.

“For them to finish off the season as strong as they did was really cool.”

Afterwards the north zone hosted a banquet at the lodge. As a little icing on the cake, after a great day of racing, the SSSC was awarded second place in the overall 2013-14 north zone competition.

“Prince George always wins it, so, to be that close to them is really something special,” Wengelin said.

“It’s the first time we have been that close to them in points for years.”

Shred the North results:

Snowboard – women:

1) Katie Peterson, 2) Megan Fraser, 3) Joanna Watson.

Under 17:

1) Elise Dube,

3) Kiana Moore.

30 plus:

1) Kathy Fraser, 2) Sandra Pali,

3) Michelle Nisbet.

Snowboard – men:

1) Toan Krauskopf,

2) Luke Pali,

3) Jasper Rysavy.

Under 14:

3) Tosh Krauskopf.

Under 30:

3) Brady Stokes.

30 plus:

1) Jason Krauskopf,

2) Brent Lamb.

Ski – women:

2) Jacenta Joseph, 3) Bridie Hikisch.

Under 12:

1) Hannah Buchanan,

2) Clara Marko.

Under 14:

1) Chantal Wickson,

2) Kaillian Smale.

30 plus:

1) Claire Chalen, 2) Erin Holtzman.

Ski – mens:

Under 12:

1) Darcy Fraser

2) Liam Huxtable

Under 14:

2) Liam Buchanan.

Under 30:

2) Jason Oliemans,

3) Jeff Schulz.

30 plus:

1) Scott Marko,

2) Cormack Hikisch

Saturday grand slalom SSSC results:

U14 girls:

1) Chantal Wickson,

2) (tied): Kallian Smale and Enya Watson

U12 boys:

1) Liam Huxtable, 2)Darcy Fraser,

3)Harrison McAlonon

U14 boys:

1) Liam Buchanan


1) Jason Oliemans,

2) Liam Buchanan

Combined finals for all north zone races:

U14 girls:

2)Chantel Wickson

U12 boys:

1) Darcy Fraser, 2) Liam Huxtable,

3) Caleb Smale

U14 boys:

1) Liam Buchanan,

3) Kalum Huxtable

Overall champion, mens: Jason Oliemans

Team champions:

1) Prince George

2) Smithers.

Hudson Bay Mountain is ringing in the final weekend of the season from April 18-21.

Events include, the annual Slush Cup, dummy downhill and human hamster ball competitions.

There will also be live music and other fun events.