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Push for indoor soccer in Smithers continues

BV Soccer Society looking into using a building at the fall fair grounds to lengthen their season
Regional Soccer Tournament held in Smithers Sept. 18. (Deb Meissner photo) Regional Soccer Tournament held in Smithers Sept. 18. (Deb Meissner photo)

Smithers council has thrown its support behind a potential indoor soccer facility for Smithers.

The Bulkley Valley Soccer Society has been looking into what it would take to provide such a facility.

In a letter to Smithers council, the society said they are looking into renting a building in town and putting in some artificial turf to get kids playing soccer all year long.

However, they do not have the necessary funds for this in-house and are looking for funding from a couple of different programs.

One idea is to use the Bulkley Valley Agricultural and Industrial Association’s Davidson Hall building at the fall fair grounds.

According to the society, they have been given an understanding they can rent the building for the winter months when they are ready, which they told council would be the fall of 2023.

Society techinal director Dan Imof said it is good short term solution.

“It is in an ideal building that will do for now but eventually, we want to get a bigger building that could also house a track and maybe be closer to town so more groups can use it.”

He said a new facility could be used by many different groups, not just for soccer.

In the meantime, it will cost about $60,000 to get Davidson Hall set up for soccer.

This includes turf, protective gear, and insurance.

The society is looking at grants and asked the town for a letter of support to accompany their applications.

Councillors were eager and excited to give that to them at their meeting on Sept. 27.

Marisca Bakker

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