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New golf club pro ready for the challenge

Amateur champion Anouk Guelidi sees great potential in Smithers
New pro and clubhouse manager Anouk Guelidi is looking forward to working with a committed group of volunteers and the challenges of using her diverse range of skills. Tom Best photo

New Smithers Golf and Country Club head professional and clubhouse manager Anouk Guelidi likes a challenge, and there is no doubt that she will face challenges on a regular basis.

While it was previously reported that she was one of only five or six women in the position in B.C., in fact, she is one of only five or six in the entire country.

Guelidi comes originally from France where she was the amateur champion, and most recently from Ottawa where she coached the men’s squad at the University of Ottawa.

She was looking for something different in the golf business in which she could utilize use the diversity of her skills.

“When I had the interview with the board members, I felt very good about it and I found some common ground on the vision of the club, and I felt so much energy on the club that I really wanted to do something for them,” she said.

“I’m passionate about the game of golf and I love what I do and I like to push myself forward all the time, and I like to build something.”

She feels that there are many challenges but the potential within the club is great.

“I’m a builder. I want to take this opportunity and see what I can do with it,” she said.

When she arrived in Smithers, she was very surprised at how beautiful the community was.

“When I was on the airplane on the way here, I was speaking to a gentleman who said that it was a secret jewel,” she said.

She feels that the board of directors is very dynamic and energetic.

“Everybody is working very hard and with the same direction. So far, they have done an amazing job,” she said.

She feels that the club has a great future because they are all working in the same direction. She said that she did not know the past, but that it was over and this year would be a great one for the club.

“Today we are a team and that is fantastic,” she said.

At the current time Guelidi is busy gathering information about events, getting in contact with various organizations and seeing what can be done.

“We’ll try to take the good opportunities and support the game of golf,” she said.