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His and Hers tourney crowns DesChamp and Hannah 2023 champs

The Rupert golf club enjoyed near-perfect weather to welcome 39 couples to town June 24 and 25

It was the young guns who prevailed in the His and Hers golf tournament June 24 and 25 at the Prince Rupert Golf Club.

Local youngster Arlen DesChamp partnered with Kitimat’s Chalaine Hannah shot a two-day 150, or 10 over par, to claim the overall low gross title at the par-70 course.

The overall low-net title went to Don and Janis Malkow from Smithers. The Malkows, playing to a combined handicap of 21.6 in the second of three flights, shot 173 gross for a net of 129.8.

The format of the tournament is a modified alternate shot in which each member of the couples tee off and then select a tee shot and alternate hitting from there until the ball is in the cup.

The club enjoyed an almost perfect weekend for golf with no rain and moderate temperatures throughout.

Combined handicaps were calculated by adding 60 per cent of the handicap of the person with the lower handicap to 40 per cent of the handicap of the person with the higher handicap.

Prizes were given for overall low gross and net, as well as for first, second and third low gross and low net in each of the three flights.


Overall Low Gross - Arlen DesChamp and Chalaine Hannah: 150 (Net 134.4)

Overall Low Net - Don Malkow and Janis Malkow: 173 (Net 129.8)

First Flight Gross

Philip Maher and Ann Maher: 158 (Net 134.8)

Myah Bowal and Cole Mots: 166 (Net 136)

Vida Carson and Rick Malkow: 170 (Net 145.2)

Second Flight Gross

Colin Bell and Gurleen Desi: 176 (Net 136)

Lynn Hale and Pierre Butz: 177 (Net 135)

Margart Chan and Willie Wekel: 185 (Net 143.4)

Third Flight Gross

Dorit Lindner and Joe Pacheco: 187 (Net 135.8)

Cam McCulley and Heather McCulley: 198 (Net 142.8)

Maria Wells and Phil Wells: 202 (Net 144)

First Flight Net

Brian Krause and Anna Krause: 132.2 (Gross 169

Rob Bell and Ruth Hidber: 137 (Gross 171)

Susan MacKenzie and Terry Sawka: 139.2 (Gross 178)

Second Flight Net

Carol Schaeffer and Andrew Schaeffer: 135 (Gross 177)

Kris Giraldi and Russ Giraldi: 143.4 (Gross 193)

Josie Lam and Bill Nicholls: 146 (Gross 194)

Third Flight Net

Janet Sheppard and Doug Sheppard: 137.8 (Gross 191)

Art Emerson and Cherie Seppala: 142.6 (Gross 201)

Sussi Reese-Hanson and Richard Mason: 144.2 (Gross 205

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