Everest Challenge

This weekend is the fourth annual Valhalla Pure Outfitters Everest Challenge at Hudson Bay Mountain.

When was the last time you pushed your self to the limit? This weekend you’ll get the opportunity, at the fourth annual Valhalla Pure Outfitters Everest Challenge.

This gritty trial has drawn skiers and snowboarders alike to the slopes of Hudson Bay Mountain for one purpose only. To complete 18 full runs on the North side of the mountain (Skyline Chair), up and down, first to last chair. The goal being to achieve a cumulative vertical limit of 8,850 vertical metres. The same height as Mount Everest. In the past four years only about half of those who attempted the feat actually completed it. However, this year the Challenge is taking it to the extreme.

This year is also the inaugural Extreme Everest Challenge, pushing individuals and teams to the brink of exhaustion by attempting this jarring test on human power, skins and skies.

In 2010 Rod Leighton, a local doctor finished the challenge in only 25 hours, setting the bar extremely high for anyone else who has what it takes. However, five months after completing the challenge Leighton has a terrible crash while mountain biking and is now a quadriplegic.

The Extreme Everest Challenge is open to three member teams as well as individual challengers. Team member must finish six runs each to mark the 8,850 metres. All challengers will have 24 hours to complete the difficult task, starting Saturday morning and skiing right through the night, just as Leighton did, inspiring all of us to do the same. Register at Valhalla Pure and inspire others to achieve their highest limit.