Club set to Shred the North

Skiers and snowboarders return from Taber with slew of podium finishes

Skiers and Snowboarders from Smithers hit the podium en masse at a snow cross event at Taber Mountain.

Skiers and Snowboarders from Smithers hit the podium en masse at a snow cross event at Taber Mountain.

All 15 of the riders from the Smithers  Ski and Snowboard Club found themselves on the podium at Tabor Mountain two weeks ago, but for their head coach Jan Wengelin, the results were secondary to the bigger picture.

“I see 20 people down there, parents gate-keeping and acting as referees, that’s what stands out to me. The cohesiveness and the work ethic put in by the volunteers and the parents, without them we couldn’t do it.”

The team also rented a cabin on the mountain for their stay.

“It was a fantastic event and a fantastic time. We all waxed our skis and snowboards together, cooked together, and everyone came to me and said what a fun weekend they had. That’s what a ski club is all about.”

On the course, skier Jason Oliemans stole the show, with his first place finish in the Men’s 16 and over event.

“He always goes in with a plan, he comes prepared and he skis really well,” Wengelin said.

“He’s put in a lot of work and deserves the success.”

Oliemans is currently down in the Lower Mainland, competing in the Keurig Cup.

Rather than holding their usual BC Alpine race this coming weekend, the Ski and Snowboard Club has moved it to the April 12 weekend. They’ll combine the sanctioned ski race on Saturday with their second annual Shred the North snowcross event. With many skiers from around the north already in town, the Shred the North event could turn into one of the biggest open events in the province.

“We are hoping for between 90 and 120 participants,” Wengelin said.

“If we get those numbers, that would be huge.”

Tabor results:

Eight and under snowboard: 1) Luke Pali, 2) Toan Krauskopf

Girls 12 and under snowboard:

2) Kaitlyn Peterson, 3) Megan Fraser

Girls ski, 13 and over: 1) Chantal Wickson, 2) Kaillian Smale

Boys ski, 10 and under:

1) Darcy Fraser, 2) Calev Smale, 3) Parker Nassichuk

Boys 16 and under:

3) Kalum Huxtable

Men’s 16 and over:

1) Jason Oliemans,

2) Jeff Scholz