Bulkley Valley Roller Derby practice. (Facebook photo)

Bulkley Valley Roller Derby practice. (Facebook photo)

Bulkley Valley Roller Derby seeks fresh meat

Bulkley Valley Roller Derby (BVRD) is looking for fresh meat.

And by fresh meat, they mean people who aren’t afraid to mix it up and get bashed around a bit.

The organization’s Freshmeat program is a 10-week course, during which new skaters learn the basics of rollerskating as well as roller derby game play.

This includes physical contact, game strategy, game safety and rules.

The program is $150, which includes loaner gear (skates and pads), skater insurance (needed by every skater to skate) and instruction, but interested persons will get an opportunity to decide if the sport is right for them before they commit the money and time.

This Friday (April 14) , BVRD is holding an open house in Davidson Hall at the fairgrounds in Smithers. Potential skaters will be provided with gear so they can try it out before committing.

After the 10 weeks, skaters can decide whether they want to join the team known as the Bulkley Valley Bruisers.

Roller Derby actually dates way back to the late 1800s. It resurged in the 1970s and in recent years was considered to be one of the fastest-growing women’s sports around.

That took a hit with the pandemic, but it’s back on in the valley and BVRD is eager to start growing again.

No experience is needed. Must be 19+ to join.