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Back-to-back bike weekends on the way

Mountain bikers have been out on the trails for a few weeks, and with the opening of the bike season comes the first of many events to be held over the coming summer.

Sunday, May 29 will mark the second annual C.O.B. Upchuck Race, held on the bluff trails. C.O.B.’s Dave Percy said the race was started last year to attract a more diverse crowd to the Bluffs, which aren’t just downhill trails anymore, as well as to shine a light on the work being done to the trails by the Smithers Mountain Bike Association (SMBA).

“We want to showcase what’s going on over at the bluff,” he said.

Last year 25 riders took part in the race, which runs up the Uptrack trail, then back down The Shining and Smoothie. The fastest male and female will have their names engraved on the Upchuck Cup.

Registration is in advance at C.O.B., or on race day at the Bluff parking lot from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. The race starts at 11, and the $20 entry fee covers insurance and a burger and drink. Proceeds from the race will go to the SMBA. For more info on the race, call C.O.B. at 847-8977.

The following weekend will feature McBike’s mens’ freeride clinic on June 4, where intermediate riders will have the chance to upgrade their skills under the guidance of a former pro downhill racer. McBike owner Peter Krause said the event is aimed at men who might not always be willing or able to push their abilities because of the possible risk involved.

“There’s a little bit of the ‘gotta get back to work on Monday’ factor,” he said.

McBike will be offering free shuttle rides on the Huckin’ Eh trail on Sunday, June 5, and demo rides on new bikes. For more info on the clinic or the demo, call McBike at 847-5009.