Tofino delivers on bet with song about Smithers

Watch people from Tofino, whose mayor lost a bet against Smithers mayor Taylor Bachrach, sings their praises for Smithers.

Tofino sings for Smithers from StrongHeart Productions on Vimeo.

As the people of Tofino put it, “Smithers peaked and spanked Tofino’s democratic cheeks” at the last municipal elections.

Now there’s a song to prove it.

Smithers Mayor Taylor Bachrach and his Tofino counterpart Josie Osborne last year made a bet that voter turnout would be higher in their respective communities.

The losing community was to write a song singing the praises of the winner, perform it and post the video online.

Five months after Smithers voters led Bachrach to a narrow victory in his bet against Osborne, the Tofino mayor has delivered on her promise.

A small group of Tofino locals performed the song, complete with a kazoo solo, and Osborne posted it online yesterday.

“That town is Smithers, we report, where balloting’s a local sport,” sings the choir.

“And Mayor Bachrach wears a crown, 
spreading bikeracks all through town.”

It goes on to praise Smithers for its win, but points to another challenge at the next election.

“Bachrach and Osborne made a bet: 
What voter turnout would they get? Tofino sank but Smithers peaked, 
and spanked our democratic cheeks,” goes the song.

“A song thus promised, we now pitch, 
though next time the results may switch. Oh, never say Tofino dithers, 
we salute you, noble Smithers!”

Tofino sings for Smithers from StrongHeart Productions on Vimeo.