Taser ends one-woman Two Mile crime spree

Thirty-one-year-old remains in custody and is facing numerous charges

New Hazleton RCMP used pepper spray and a taser on a 31-year-old woman after a one-person crime spree in the Two Mile area Monday morning.

Police said that on July 21 at 10:44 a.m., they received a report of a woman trying to steal a car. When they arrived, she went to a nearby road and attempted to carjack a passing motorist at knifepoint. The motorist escaped but sustained minor injuries.

After the unsuccessful attempt, RCMP located the woman on Highway 62 near the Hagwilget Bridge. She was observed to be carrying several weapons, police said. When she began approaching officers, the woman was pepper sprayed but it was not effective.

When that failed, RCMP tasered the woman and she was given medical treatment and taken into custody.

“Police immediately sought medical attention for the woman as a result of the [taser] deployment and a small cut to her face she received during her fall to the ground when the [taser] deployed,” said a RCMP press release.

The woman remains in custody and is facing numerous charges.