Smithers golfers win Ladies Northern Open

A group of women from Smithers and one from Houston won the Ladies Northern Open at the Smithers Golf and Country Club

A group of women from Smithers and one from Houston won the Ladies Northern Open, beating 21 other teams at the Smithers Golf and Country Club this weekend.

Team Lombardi, which included Janice Malkow, Fiona Kerbrat, Janie Olson and Houston’s Joan Lombardi finished with a final gross score of 134 during the 18-hole tournament.

“It was a blast,” said Malkow. “It’s not that it was easy, it’s just that we weren’t here necessarily to win and be so competitive. We’re here to have a good time.”

According to Olson, the team played extremely well together over the weekend.

“Today, we all golfed well and clicked,” said Olson. “It was a real team effort today, we all had some beautiful shots.”

Malkow noted the team did four strokes better on the final day of the tournament compared to the first day.

But the competition did have its challenges.

The team’s fourth member dropped out at the last minute, leaving them scrambling to find a new player.

“[The other player] was coaching her daughter having a baby,” said Olson.

Jane Hetherington, one of the tournament organizers, said it was a huge success, drawing 88 players from around Northern B.C., 28 players more than they originally anticipated.

This year, they changed the format of the tournament from partner play to texas scramble which helped draw more players, noted Hetherington.

“People like that format,” she said. “Other tournaments had played that format and you could see that they weren’t struggling as much to get the golfers so we decided to give it a try.”

Players also enjoyed the new format.

“It’s was great, it’s stress-free, it was a good tournament,” said Olson.

Team Scott finished first in B flight, while Team Peterson finished first in C flight.

And while there isn’t a formal trophy, the winner does get bragging rights.

“We just get to bask in the glory every time we come to the club,” laughed Malkow.