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Boy raises $350 to take his brothers to fall fair

A 13-year-old boy raised enough money to take his brothers to the Bulkley Valley Exhibition.
Glenn Mcleod (centre) is raising money until the end of Friday to take his two brothers to the fall fair this weekend.

A 13-year-old boy raised enough money to take his brothers to the Bulkley Valley Exhibition.

After a couple of days selling treats and cool refreshments in Smithers, Glenn Mcleod raised over $350 to take his two younger brothers Isaiah, nine, and Kai, seven, to the fall fair.

“My mom doesn’t have the money this year, so I tricked them into thinking it’s for me,” said Mcleod. “I’m hoping to raise enough money for them to get in, go on a few rides and get some treats.”

Mcleod originally told his brothers the stand was going to help him raise money to send him to visit his father in Vancouver, when in fact, he used the money to take the duo to the fall fair last weekend.

And that is exactly what they did on Saturday, spending seven hours on rides and playing games.

“Kai started to cry and Isaiah’s face was priceless,” said his mom, Brooke in an email, noting that they had enough money to bring another child as well.

Glenn even won a stuffed animal and candy apple, which he gave to his mom.

“Glenn, being the oldest of three in a single parent family, has more responsibilities than a child should have,” said Brooke. “I believe that it’s not a bad thing. Even though it’s hard, he has learnt not to take things for granted like a lot of young people.”

Brooke added that her son has set his sights higher next year and also wants to help fundraise for other families who can’t afford to attend the fair.

“There are not many kids his age who would do this. He’s so sweet,” said his aunt Kathleen.

This isn’t the first time this little kid with a big heart has done this.

Two years ago, Glenn also set up a similar stand to raise money to take the family to the fall fair.