Women were left out



Re: Gitxsan Hereditary Chiefs, Women’s Day, Mar. 2, B1.

It is a very frustrating article. Women’s Day is a day to celebrate the women, the givers of life. A day of celebration should be a day of enjoyment, filled with laughter, and involvement filled with exciting activities that involve all women of all ages.

Many methods of transporting brought in over 200 ladies of all ages from many communities. In attendance were stay-at-home moms, teens, grandmothers and elders who generally don’t get out for a fun time. A great turnout.

An agenda set out the schedule for the day; mostly presentations. Booths lined the sides of the gym, women selling their items, information booths.

But where were the activities these women could participate in? What was set in place for these ladies to have fun, to participate in, to learn from one another? What was in place to encorage them to leave their chairs?

The Gitxsan Hereditary Chief’s ‘Women’s Day’ article is centred on negotiators and the treaty update, what a great job they are doing, especially Elmer rubbing shoulders with high level politicians and industry executives, how widely respected he is in these circles, giving Gitxsan a good face out there. A paragraph on Gwaans, another on Luutkwidziwas. They are a team hard to beat. Finally the very last paragraph ‘honouring three elders.” This article was about Women’s Day, but where is the meat and potatoes? Where is the info on honouring our women, these three women? Has someone missed the meaning of Women’s Day?

Jennifer Betts

Maple Ridge