Spice of Life

Spice of Life

Winter safety preparations come in a variety of forms

Brenda discusses the hazards of the coming season and hopes for a good outcome in the U.S. election


Just the right time to talk to you this week.

When you read my words Hallowe’en will be over and best of all the American election will be done.

Or will it?

If Trump loses I can tell you as sure as the day is long he will complain, start law suits, berate others, get the fake news people and so it will go until some of us will pray for a new day.

On the other side of the coin maybe Biden will win free and clear and begin an era of trying to rescue the soul of the nation. That’s it!

Today, I will not discuss the situation until next week.

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This week, I knew I had other things to discuss with you.

Friends who came by yesterday suggested I get a cell phone or one of those things that will tell someone I have fallen.

I gather Telus offers that option.

One or the other I feel is a good plan.

With the virus situation and maybe not as many people out and about, it is the time of the year when our home safety needs attention.

I have safety bar things in the bathroom.

I can use them to get off the toilet or out of the shower. Not at the same time of course.

I also have the same sort of thing to assist me to get in and out of the cabin.

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Every day presents itself differently.

Could be a heap of snow. Have a shovel outside to clear a path.

Could be icy.

That is where the salt comes in handy. Mind you, ice grippers on my shoes are mandatory.

Friends make sure I have enough wood and kindling in the porch.

No need to head to the shed.

Just one step at a time. I have been known to carry a bucket of salt and ashes in my car just in case I park where it is slippery.

I will remember to buy the ice gripper attachment for my cane.

I will make sure my head lamps work and that I have batteries for my flashlights.

If you live in an apartment safety measures must be taken as well.

You just never know.

I like to make sure I have enough toilet paper on hand. Not a safety issue. Or is it?

Before I leave you, make sure you get your flu shot. Just another thing we can do to protect ourselves.

I will spend this next bit of time hoping for a good outcome south of the border. For all of us I have my heart set on it.

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