Daresay - Deb Meissner

Daresay - Deb Meissner

Why can’t we still play the “why” game as adults?

Deb takes the lead from her grandkids and asks why, why, why, why, why

When you have children or grandchildren of a certain age, they tend to ask an awful lot of questions. You do your best to answer honestly, but then they get into the stage where it’s funny to continue to ask “why” no matter what you say.

As a parent, I may have gotten short with my kids after about the twentieth “why” but as a grandparent, I get to have a chuckle and have some silly answers that we giggle about.

It did start me thinking, though, about questions I still have as an adult. Whom do I ask those of?

I want to know why we have to wait for the entire west coast to be on the same page about daylight savings time? In B.C. we voted overwhelmingly to stay the same time year-round, yet our Premier says we have to wait until California, Washington, and Oregon do the same thing. Why? We already have two time zones in B.C., so why? Why should we wait for them? Let’s be trendsetters and make them follow. In this case, why not?

There is another big “why” I think about this time of year, and that is why we ask our school children to learn about our Veterans, memorize “In Flanders Fields,” and educate them on the significance of Remembrance Day when our stores set out Christmas decorations and gifts the day after Halloween? Why?

Out of respect for Remembrance Day, shouldn’t the adults practice what we teach to our kids? Have respect for the 11th of November and then fly at putting up the Christmas gear.

It drives me crazy this happens every year. Pretty soon, the stores may just put it all up in July, and to heck with observances of other special days.

I’d’ also like to ask why we have such a lack of respect for each other these days? The days of chivalry are long gone, and common courtesy and respect have seemingly been thrown out the door too. Why?

When I grew up, and to this day, I will give up my seat to an elderly person. I was taught respect for my elders. I don’t swear around them, spit or otherwise act disrespectfully. If I had, growing up, I would have had to (and remember having to) literally eat soap!

I open doors for people, help if people have dropped things, smile and say “hi” to people, and even if I disagree with an opinion of another person, I will speak up, but there is a time too to keep my mouth shut.

Why do people have to fight over ideas and opinions they are not going to change? Just be respectful. Why is that so hard these days?


The last “why” I have for is for parents today. Why is it important to get young kids computers, phones and games, when we have a great outdoor space to live and play in? Why?

When I flew as a flight attendant, I’d see parents sit down in their seats and hand their child an iPad. I’m 60 and I love looking out the window, and anytime my grandkids or kids fly with me, our faces were smashed up against the window and we were talking about what we were seeing and the beauty that surrounds us.

Why do kids need to have the same stress over electronic gear that we do? They will grow up with it, so there will be plenty of time to have them stressing out about 24/7 information.

Right now, why don’t you go out and play with them? Make a fort, try to name all the flowers you see on a walk or have a bonfire. Let them eat dirt and play, I say.

It didn’t kill us, and as a matter of fact, I have a pretty good immune system and maybe don’t have allergies because of it.

Get your kids outside for some quality time with you. Then they can play the “why” game with you because you will actually be talking.

Again, why not?