Peter Krause of McBike and Sport in Smithers. (Tom Roper photo)

What it takes to be successful in athletics and business

Peter Krause tells Tom the story of his competitive racing career and building McBike and Sport

Last year my wife and I sold the farm and moved to town. After 25 years of making my own ski trails, I was happy to join the Nordic Ski club and use their trails.

Unfortunately, my bush skis were too wide for the tracks. Oddly enough during COVID times every track ski in town was sold out. The only skis available were skate skis.

Peter Krause at McBike said he would teach me the technique and that gave me a chance to spend a bit of time getting to know him.

Peter is a very accomplished athlete and successful businessman. I have often wondered how that can be achieved when you come from a small town like Smithers. So I asked Peter what the secret was and he proceeded to tell me.

“I was born in Germany. Dad was a forester, Mom was a painter and both my parents were outdoor people. My grandfather was an engineer and a road bike racer. He almost qualified for the Tour de France back in the day.

“We moved to Canada in 1974 for opportunities in forestry for my dad. My parents separated when I was in Grade 5 and I had to grow up fast and work hard to help my mother.

“So we have two secrets, first it helps to have family around you that can influence you at a young age. Secondly, you need to be a hard worker.”

There must be more than that Peter, I said.

“Well there is, dedication is another important attribute needed. I worked hard after school so I had enough money to follow my passions. I painted houses, I worked on the ski hill in the winter. I worked at Winterland Ski and mounted a lot of bindings.

“In the summer, I got a job at Doug McDonald’s bike shop and also started bike racing. Doug encouraged me and again, his influence helped. I was training constantly and never gave up on my dreams to be a winner. I road raced in Europe for a year.

“When I returned home I continued to race throughout Canada and the United States. I was then given an opportunity to purchase Doug’s business, McBicyle. With my retail experience, I was able to own a store and still keep my dreams alive in the competitive racing world.

“Then a second opportunity presented itself and I was able to buy this building at Main Street and Second from Mike Young. We were able to keep our original name and put it all together as McBike Ski and Sport.

“My wife, Jill Buchanan, was working at Safeway as a baker and we decided she should come on board as a full-time partner.

“This did not stop my dedication to competitive training and triathlon success became my pursuit for the next 10 years. I was also fortunate to do some motivational speaking encouraging young entrepreneurs. I always have enjoyed helping others reach their potential and through our business promote a healthy lifestyle for people.”

Thanks, Peter, for your story and all the best in your future endeavors.

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