What have we learned from this unprecedented time?

What have we learned from this unprecedented time?

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What day is it? A question I have to ask since more of the days can blend together. Our lives are greatly changed. On that note I have another question to ask you. Has this episode taught you anything?

For me that changes have been minimal but I do notice differences. Shopping is interesting and I am learning how to take a wide berth around other shoppers. It is the right thing to do. I have learned to shop for a couple weeks at a time. I know for sure I don’t need to buy great amounts of toilet paper.

Maybe having to isolate yourself from others has taught you to walk alone just listening to the rebirth of spring in our area. Maybe we talk too much, not taking the time to listen. Some tell me they are so bored. How does that happen? You must be able to do something with the allotted free time. I met a lady in No Frills the other day. She was buying all manner of goods to bake up a storm for others. She said she would deliver some at a safe distance and other things she would freeze until friends meet again. Was she bored? Don’t think so.

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Others I know have home projects to take care of or preparing a garden space. Another tells me she has started seeds for a small herb garden in her apartment. If we learn anything it is that we actually have more time than we thought.

We are learning about this nasty virus and most seem to be well aware how bad it could be for most of us. We are learning how to isolate ourselves and to stand a good distance apart. We have to be willing to give up some of our freedoms for the greater good. As they say we are all in this together.

This pandemic might not be the last of its kind so maybe planning on being ready is a lesson to learn. Have some supplies on hand like toilet paper, extra bottles of water, dry food products etc. It should prevent the hoarding mentality we watched at the beginning of this.

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I can only hope for you that you have learned that this too will pass but in the meantime you have a chance to be part of the wellbeing of others. Good for you for taking this seriously.

I expect some will say the virus is not a real thing. You can phone me and tell me where that information comes from. My number is 250-846-5095 or send an email to mallory@bulkley.net.


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