What day is it today?

What day is it today?

Marisca looks for a reason to celebrate

These past couple of months have been weird. Some days I have no idea what day it is. Or frankly, what time it is. We’ve mostly been playing outside in the sunshine and snacking all day. I had to write something down in my calendar and I had to flip a couple of pages before I got to the date I needed and I had to double check the date several times. I hadn’t written anything down in my calendar since February. Flipping through March and April to get to May was weird.

I don’t think I’m alone in this. I was talking with someone this week and she was telling me about stories in “this week’s” paper she was reading but they were actually last week’s articles. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that there was a new edition out. I suppose she’ll just be a week behind for a while and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t care.

But if you are reading this week’s paper and it is actually this week’s paper — feel free to check the date on your phone, it’s usually in the homescreen, then today is May 20.

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And according to a random holidays calendar I stumbled upon on the internet, there are a bunch of weird holidays that fall on May 20. I’m not sure if any of these are real or if they are actually celebrated anywhere but I feel like we need a cause for celebration. This pandemic has got me down, plus I’ll take any excuse to cut a cupcake or sip sparkling wine. Today is actually a national holiday in Cameroon and East Timor, but it is also National Be a Millionaire Day. What that means, I have no idea and why is it a holiday?

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So, if you are looking for a reason to celebrate something or anything, maybe you’ll find it here.

Today is National Rescue a Dog Day. This one I like. The Northwest Animal Shelter has some dogs looking for a good home. There are many benefits to owning a dog including motivation to walk more, feeling less stressed, you may feel less depressed or lonely, your children may develop fewer allergies and I’ve heard of dogs detecting cancer in their owners.

NWAS has a husky-cross advertised on their website right now. Her name is Mya and she is gorgeous. The shelter also has dogs not on their site and they can match you with a new canine friend. I have a small dog and she brings me so much joy. All she wants to do is love me.

May 20 is also National Pick Strawberries Day. This one seems like it wasn’t planned out. Or maybe it is meant for a different climate. I’ll think of it is as National Pick Up a Strawberry Plant day instead. There are plenty of local nurseries stocked with produce starters. My children eat so much fruit, I should grow an orchard. We’ll start with planting some strawberry plants.

And, last but not least, today is also National Quiche Lorraine Day. So if you are tired of baking banana bread and gave up on your sourdough starter, why not bake a quiche? A Quiche Lorraine is a simple and basic quiche with eggs and bacon. Sounds like an easy lunch, or dinner, or whatever time we eat food now.


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