Watching a squirrel with ‘roid rage

Lorraine Doiron's View from the Porch

Happy birthday to my daughter! She has always been my joy.

I witnessed a thief stealing my bird feeder. A squirrel on steroids had removed the feeder from the hook, hauling it up the tree. He tried to get at leftover seeds in the bottom but dropped the whole thing onto the road. Flying down the tree as fast as that roadrunner cartoon, he grabbed the feeder, wrestled it across the road and out of site. First time to lose my bird feeder to a squirrel, wonder what he’s been eating up to now to give him such physical power.

Conversation at the arena, one hockey dad on the phone: “Hello? … Oh, hi sweetheart, what are you doing? … You lost a tooth? Really? … That’s awesome! … Where did you lose it? … While you were sitting on the toilet? Really? … Did it … fall into the toilet? …  No? That’s good! Ya, put it under your pillow for sure, for the tooth fairy.”  A call from his youngest daughter Lulu who had been very excited over the loose tooth for a week.

Spoke with Betty Kennedy, Queen for the Smithers Branch of the Red Hat Ladies. A conference of Red Hatters, 58 ladies (39 from out of town) enjoyed the awesome hospitality of our town. Some arrived Thursday to a casual dinner, taking over the dining room at the Hudson Bay Lodge. Friday the rest arrived to a brunch at the Lodge, Marilyn Moore set up a display of jewelry and a few red purses plus door prizes. One o’clock was a visit to the Art Gallery, then a chance to rest or shop until the 6 p.m. wine and cheese registration at Heartstrings. All the Red Hats received a discount on purchases, free samples of fudge, even fitting everyone into a picture taken around a love seat. Some finished the evening at the Legion for karaoke. Saturday morning coffee and muffins at Kitchen Works plus a discount on purchases, the Farmers’ Market (comment from a Prince Rupert lady that there was nothing like this at home), some attended the Seniors’ pancake breakfast. Everyone was free to rest or wander until the Fall Frolic Banquet (a sit down dinner) where they brought out their finest red dresses and bling.  Following the book Rubber Boots for Dancing by Nan Bourgon, her daughter Janet Hetherington was a special guest, 30 ladies had decorated boots, judged by staff member from the Lodge.

The Dixie Land Band entertained until 11 p.m.; the dance floor full for every piece of music. Sunday a farewell breakfast. A heartfelt thank you to all the merchants, greeting them with smiles and kindness, there were many compliments on how well they were treated. A very successful event.

Lorraine Doiron writes the weekly View from the Porch column.