Interior News publisher Grant Harris displays a box of Salvation Army doughnuts dropped off at the newspaper office on Broadway Ave. The Army is delivering doughnuts for National Doughnut Day to honour front line pandemic workers including transit workers, nursing home staff, childcare providers, firefighters grocery store employees (and, apparently, newspaper staff). (Thom Barker photo)

Try it you’ll like it, again and again

Publisher Grant Harris argues the best deals around are right here in Smithers

You really can’t get a better deal than when you shop local first.

You can do all the math and research you want about how much less this do-jigger costs in Prince George, or Terrace, or on Amazon or anywhere else than here in Smithers to justify your out-of-town purchase.

You can brag all you wish about how much you saved and how many types of it they had, but have you really gotten a good deal?

We’ve said before it takes seven minutes to walk from the far end of Main street to the highway. Within that seven minutes alone there are well over 60 stores and services with practically anything you might need or want to buy.

Unlike a lengthy drive afar, the walk won’t cost you anything.

Unlike an hour searching on the internet you get fresh air in your lungs.

Our local businesses in Smithers take pride in what they are able to offer. The face-to-face, real honest-to-goodness personal customer service that you get here is the envy of our region; just ask anybody shopping our town from somewhere else.

Our local entrepreneurs go to a lot of effort to offer you what you’re looking for and if they don’t have it and can’t get it for you it they are more likely than any other place or website to suggest where else you might find it.

Do the math again and add in the benefit that shopping local brings.

There’s really no comparison; this town is a good deal all around.