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Trouble with the MP


In his piece “Abuse of political mailouts” (March 16), Rod Taylor has this to say about  MP Cullen:

“It troubles me that an elected MP who is paid to represent all constituents should use the privileges of office (printing and mailing) to promote his party under the guise of providing information”.

But it’s worse than that. Cullen caters to his chosen constituences. In his ongoing propaganda “first nations” are first, “environmental groups” follow, and “citizens” are last. That he considers these groups above mere citizens says a lot. Rather then working towards equal rights and duties for all, this race obsessed busy  bee of identity politics has another agenda.

In Nov. 2010, after the Prosperity Mine in the economically depressed Williams Lake region was denied permission to open due to “environmental concerns,” he noted with satisfaction that this decision demonstrates that industries either defer to First Nation supremacy or are out of luck in B.C. (I’m paraphrasing, but not exaggerating.)

He knows that his party will never hold responsibility for the health of the national economy. (When it did on provincial level, it brought B.C. to its knees).

But it’s economic freedom, unencumbered by misguided ideology that is essential for economic prosperity. If those willing and able to create wealth are prevented from doing so, the public teat, on which many so eagerly suck while demanding more, will go dry.

For us, the no-special-identity citizens, the majority, who live in the real world, this is a fact of life.

MP Cullen doesn’t represent us. We need to replace him, at the first opportunity, with somebody who will.

Jerry Mencl