Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of the number 13.

Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of the number 13.

Lorraine breaks down what is going on in Smithers

Walking is getting easier as the ice melts. Seems like a long winter this year. Guess there is not much a person can do except keep warm and motivated.

Some information that came to me on COVID-19/Coronavirus situation. Updates can be found at, the BC Centre for Disease Control. Also suggested is the Public Health Agency of Canada and the World Health Organization at

https:// The World Health Organization is a specialised agency of the United Nations headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

A reminder: The Homelessness Services Association, in partnership with Urban Matters and BC Non-Profit Housing Association are working on the Report of Homeless Counts in BC. They are seeking people who are compassionate, accepting and comfortable with one-on-one conversations, have a friendly, non-judgmental attitude and a good sense of humour. You need to be 19 years of age or older, younger than 70 (to meet insurance requirements. Register: or contact Brie Macaloney:, phone 778-210-0370. Another contact: Lydia Howard, Housing Advisor and Economic Development, Dze L K’ant Friendship Centre Society, 250-847-5211 Exc. 250. This count can provide important information on the estimated number, key demographics and service provision needs of those experiencing homelessness.

I have been asked about babysitting services in Smithers. When I checked it appears most places are full. There is a young mother with a year-old baby who wants to return to work. She doesn’t know many people in Smithers so I offered to put the word out. It would be full time although there would be a day or two when her husband is home where he can be responsible for this little boy. The care can be in your home or their home. If you know of someone could you give me a call 250-847-4797 and I can relay your information on to her.

Breast Cancer Awareness. I was told it is this month but on the website: it indicates it is October. It really does not matter what month actually, there are many Canadians who are proving that life is bigger than breast cancer. Get screened, learn how to do a self exam. Believe me, a mammogram is nothing now with the new fancy machines as compared to past experiences!

One thing coming up Saturday, March 28, 8:30pm: Turn Off Your Lights. I am sure all of you love this planet, we need to take care of it and this 1 hour is such a small thing to do but has a super impact.

A positive thought for these times of concern: “The most beautiful people I’ve known are those who have known trials, have known struggles, have known loss, and have found their way out of the depths.” Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.

Closing with: today as I write this column it is Friday the 13th so this word works well:

Triskaidekaphobia: fear of the number 13.