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Tree nurseries also deserve reforestation recognition

Canadian Tree Nursery Association points out contributions of its industry

Dear editor,

On behalf of the Canadian Tree Nursery Association and our 15 BC tree nursery members, I would like to express our appreciation for Tom Zillich’s recent article (“10 billion trees planted in BC since reforestation work began 94 years ago”, April 15, 2024) highlighting the remarkable initiative of planting 10 billion trees.

It is indeed a monumental effort that deserves recognition and praise.

As Tom’s article suggests, it is crucial for the public to be aware of the dedication and hard work that goes into planting these seedlings. Likewise, there are so many dedicated and knowledgeable individuals within each component of the forest restoration supply chain who should also all be commended for the contributions to this success. This includes the seed collectors and the nurseries that grow high-quality native seedlings for the planters to plant.

Behind each tree planted is a story of care, and commitment by individuals in BC’s tree nurseries who dedicate their time and efforts to ensure the appropriate seedings are available.

Moreover, the impact of tree nurseries extends beyond environmental benefits. They also contribute to the local rural economy, creating jobs, supporting communities, and supporting Canada’s highly regarded sustainable forestry sector.

By highlighting the efforts of these nurseries as well, we hope to highlight the invaluable contributions they make to our environment and society as a whole.

The members of the Canadian Tree Nursery Association are proud to be a part of this collective effort to establish healthy forests for the future.


Rob Keen, RPF

Executive Director

Canadian Tree Nursery Association