Track your family heritage

The BV Genealogical Society is sponsoring a contest: Who Do You Think You Are, Smithers Style. The winner will receive a pedigree tracing of their ancestors. Contest starts on Mar. 30, closes April 20. Entry forms at Van’s News and Smithers Library. Out of town, e-mail, ask for form. This prize is special, research genealogists charge $25 per hour and a four generation search could take 12 to 15 hours. The results will be revealed at the Genealogical Society’s Family-A-Fair on Oct. 15 at Hudson’s Bay Lodge in Smithers.

Reminders: Brown Bag Lunch at the Healthy Living Centre on April 7. Alice Christensen, Oncology nurse at the Smithers Cancer Clinic will talk about “Local Cancer Resources”.

A Spring Fling Dance, Saturday April 2, at Glenwood Hall, starting at 7:30 p.m. Band is Hillbilly Scrabble, guest appearance by Mark Perry. Cost is $20, shuttle service, snacks. Tickets at Calderwood Realty and Interior Stationery. This dance is to raise funds for the bathroom renovation at the hall. A historic hall, built by community volunteer labour and donated material, is beginning to show its age. Time again for the community to step up, help keep it the awesome gathering place it has been. So many memories within those walls.

Anne Harfenist,Volunteer Smithers, runs a local program “Helping Hands”, helping seniors and persons with disabilities stay in their homes by shoveling snow, mowing the lawn. Need help or want to volunteer, call Andrea at 847-9515, or

The Healthy Heart Program took us for a walk-about at the Safeway with Wendy Orienti the nutritionist. Great information on how to read labels, actually getting to point out favorite foods and where they sit on the good-better-best scale. Some changes need to be made in my diet. Salt is found in everything, some items are shocking in the amount added. The lessons learned had an impact, a good reality check that a lot of our health problems come from poor food choices. A lack of knowledge on how to choose was the biggest factor.

Attended the recent Bantam hockey tournament. Opening night was awesome, the entire row of Storm players showing their newly dyed blond hair. A great showing. A special Smithers song by Sweet Harmony, then Oh Canada, a short talk by Nathan Cullen opened the games and all the teams left the ice. The first game: all the lights in the arena were turned off, suddenly very loud music, sirens, horns, blinking lights and our Storm team re-entered to play their first game. It was worth it to see these kids, all the teams, play so well. Impossible to do without the volunteers who planned and executed the entire event!  Good show everyone!

Closing with: You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no result. Mahatma Gandhi

Lorraine Doiron writes the weekly View from the Porch column.