Town hall well-orchestrated propaganda

Town hall well-orchestrated propaganda

Letter writer concerned about work camps being kept open as essential services


The Town Hall meeting with Northern Health tonight (April 22) was well-orchestrated propaganda.

Having been used to seeing Dr. Bonnie Henry always accompanied by Adrian Dix, we are being led to take for granted that health is going hand-in-hand with government. In this forum, so much so that the two MLAs were picking and choosing the questions they wanted.

I had sent a written question yesterday about the threatening man-camps declared “essential services” for political reasons and putting our communities at risk. I am aware of many others who asked such a question, but not a word on it because the show made it sound like the concern did not exist. Worse, the sound was awful and often delayed and there was no way to ask a written question during the streaming.

The representatives of Northern Health followed the Bonnie Henry style of motherly reassurance, making unproven assertions regarding the risks of asymptomatic carriers. And so we have hundreds of workers living in close quarters around Kitimat, Fort St John, Burns Lake, using our airports and facilities while commuting without any of the restrictions that we, locals, are asked to follow.

This is what happens when health is led by politicians. What a sad sight tonight April 22!

Josette Wier