Tips to beat the food price pinch

Did you hear the news? I imagine anyone who pushes a grocery cart from one aisle to another is well aware that the price for our food is going up. It might be a just a few cents here and there but up it goes.

There are many like me who are on the low side of the income scale. It is possible, I am sure, if we just get our heads into the right mindset and seek out the bargains we can manage.

Vegetables seem to have price creep more than other things. Just the other day I stood behind a young mom with cart full of youngsters as she searched about the reduced bin in the grocery store. She found apples, tomatoes, oranges and onions at 50 per cent off.

Around the corner and down the way a section of meat was also reduced. It said it was a “blow out” price.

Another aisle had a litre of apple juice for 50 cents!

I then noticed that one litre of whipping cream was $1.99. Skim milk was 99 cents. Now I have talked to folks who have frozen these dairy products. If it doesn’t freeze as smooth as can be a person could always make a big pot of cream soup for a fraction of the cost.

So even though we fret about the increased cost of food if we are like the thoughtful young mother we can do just fine thank you.

We have the advantage since we live in a small town to be able to check out all the stores. Also check out the bargain stores.

After dealing with food costs we know of course that the cost of gas has gone up as well. How do we beat that one? If possible don’t drive so much. If you can’t do that cut back somewhere else.

Medications a problem for you? Remember to check with your doctor or pharmacist just in case there is a generic pill and also if you are a low income person make sure you are getting the poor person discount.

Property taxes a problem for you? Check with the access centre to see if you can defer your property taxes.

Of course you have heard that hydro costs are going up as well. How can you get around that one? Easy I suppose if you don’t mind shutting off a few lights. It takes some planning for all of us to make it with increased costs.

So there you have it. Put on the old thinking cap and try your best to beat the price rise.

Thanks to Jean from out Telkwa way for suggesting this topic. Your topics are always welcome when you call 250-846-5095 or e-mail to

Brenda Mallory writes the weekly Spice of Life community column.