Time to vote for change


Back to the polls we go.

As I watched the current government fall I was very disappointed with our elected officials in spending another unnecessary $300 million tax payers dollars that will probably not change anything.  We the voters can decide it is time for a change.  Whether or not you agree with everything Mr. Harper has done in his years as leader he has in my opinion been the most successful minority government leader in Canadian history.

The voter has kept his party in power for the last five years through multiple elections. Maybe it is time we decide for a change and give him a majority. This would at least guarantee that we won’t have another election right away.

Our Northwest region is poised for strong growth and investment in the near future and we need to make sure our elected representative is in position to help our region grow to its potential. Every time we force another election we risk that investment and stability.

People, it is time to vote for a change. When you look around the world today and see all of the uprisings in countries for the right to a democracy lets not squander ours, Show up and vote.

Scott Groves