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The “Spare” hangs the Royal family out to dry

Deb says burning bridges rarely makes one happy
Daresay - Deb Meissner Daresay - Deb Meissner

So it seems what is all over the airwaves of late is all about the rather messy and ugly goings on of Harry and Meghan vs the Royal Family. Good grief, it all makes me sad.

Is there nothing better for people to talk about? Maybe Harry should talk about being evacuated from his home in Montecito, California from the ongoing floods and mudslides?

Continually railing against his family is not, in my humble opinion, gaining him many fans.

I know griping about your rich and famous kin is kind of an American thing to do, but I doubt seriously Harry is understanding the stiff upper lip attitude his family in the UK will take and maintain.

I know we do a lot of things in our youth that we may look back on and cringe, and I think later in life Harry will do the same.

I’m betting there will be no reconciliation with his dad or brother, as he hopes, for a very long time, if ever.

Sometimes the bridges you burn cannot be rebuilt, and the trust you’ve broken is not easily gained back.

I personally think Harry is looking for answers he will not find. His mom Diana lived a sad and lonely life as a Royal, and she died too young.

Both William and Harry have spoken about the huge impact this had on their young lives, and they have my sympathy for that.

But airing his dirty laundry, railing and speculating against his stepmother, his father and his brother will not make him happy, nor will it bring his mother back or answer any questions about her death that will satisfy him.

It’s sad but true. Princess Diana died and it broke the collective heart of the world, but the lasting damage to her sons is hard to watch play out, especially in a public forum.

I know when there have been deaths in my family, I always have questions, the “shoulda, coulda, wouldas” and always the why, and I have to live with the fact I will never know.

Maybe Harry and Meghan feel they have been so wronged, they just have to “tell their side,” but that rarely works. After a while people just say “well, who cares?” or “learn to deal with it, and keep it to yourself.”

Whatever you think (can’t get enough or enough already), “this too shall pass,” as my mom and dad always told me.

Harry and Meghan will learn, hopefully, they have had their 15 minutes of fame with all the Royal bashing, and get on to do some serious work.

Diana started many wonderful and worthwhile charities, they can continue with, or do more of their own.

Whatever way they decide to go, I personally hope they have gotten the toxic feelings out of their systems, and can move on to more productive and healthy lives.

I do wonder if that is possible for them, but I sincerely hope so.