The price of fame?

A letter to the editor


Bits of styrofoam cups and metal, plastic bottles, wine bottles, old suitcases, shoes, clothes, orange plastic fencing, piles of splintered wood etc. etc. Where is this? At the dump?  No – up on the ‘Prairie’ on Hudson’s Bay Mountain, scattered all over the tundra, left over from filming “The Grey” last winter. What a mess!  I wonder if the animals up there are eating all the tiny plastic fake snow flakes? Will it hurt them?

Don’t take your visitors up there to view the beautiful scenery.

Hmm… How to clean it up? Can’t drive on the tundra – too wet, too fragile, will destroy it and tracks will be there for years. Creeks contain a rare, red-listed aquatic plant. Perhaps a vacuum to suck up the fake snow? A helicopter to sling stuff out? and an army of paid people to hand pick up the bits?

What to do? Who allowed this to happen? What price a bit of fame? Shame.

Rosamund Pojar