Spice of Life

Spice of Life

The ins and outs of masks and how they affect communication

Brenda hopes everyone is staying safe and doing the right thing


Do you wear one? I don’t like it, but I know that it is best for all of us not to have those droplets aimed at one another. I don’t take the mask wearing personally so I do as asked.

Yesterday, after I had done my shopping, I was about to go outside and a person I realized I was supposed to know stopped for a chat.

We were both fogged up since we wore glasses. I could not figure out all the words she said since everything was muffled.

Since we could not see well through the mask fog we had a good laugh and carried on.

Later that same day when I went to another store to buy stuff, I lined up in a social distancing manner. This store did not require the mask so I social distanced and held my position.

A masked mother and child had a reaction to me. She broke down in tears. The child, not the mother. For some reason my old wrinkled face was not to her liking. Don’t like it much myself. These encounters starting me thinking how we will all view each other as time moves along with the virus.

Will people we meet know if we are happy of sad? Will we learn to read eyes or become more expressive? Is it worth giving out a big smile if it is not recognized. Could we learn to articulate better than mumbling a greeting?

I can most often hear what people say unless they are masked behind a flexi glass barrier. Can’t read lips. I can detect the in and out breathing of the masked person. Speak up for heaven’s sake!

There are those who are anti-maskers. All well and good as long as you are not part of the problem while not being part of the solution.

I have known folks who have become very ill from the virus and a couple of families who had a loved one die. Heart breaking for sure. So for this time in our lives I will wear a mask when I must. I hope I don’t make another child cry at the sight of my real self.

I just hope all of you are staying well and doing the right thing. This too will pass.

Call if you wish. Don’t wear a mask for that just call 250-846-5095. Email to mallory@bulkley.net.