Thanks for doing a thankless job

Letter writer thanks elected officials and challenges others to step up rather than complain

I would like to offer my thanks to all those people who have let their names stand for elected office.

I would like to acknowledge the spouses and families of those who are fortunate to get elected, I know the sacrifice you make for the betterment of our country, province and communities.

Special thanks to those Mayors, Regional District Chairs, Ministers (Provincial and Federal), Prime Minister and Premier who have had to make difficult decisions over the last couple of years.

With forest fires, extreme heat, extreme cold, floods, COVID, and occupations/roadblocks, no matter what actions you have taken, the majority of people support your actions.

I know that many actions you have had to undertake were not easy.

Two things really bother me.

Most people who have been helped never say thank you. You should.

A municipal friend told me of a case where the municipality hired a helicopter to evacuate a couple of dozen people. Only two of those evacuated thanked them.

Then there are those who threaten our elected officials. Think, before you undertake such a cowardly act.

Just think what we would not have if no one ran for public office.

For those who don’t like the actions of any level of our governments, why don’t you let your name stand for office? Remember municipal elections in B.C. are this fall.

It is, however, easier to complain, than to take positive action.

I served 23 years on the Town of Smithers Council, so I have a bit of an insight into what our elected officials go through.

Brian Northup