Spice of Life column

Spice of Life column

Tears of joy and tears of sadness: Trump and Remembrance

Brenda reflects on the U.S. election results and the sacrifices made by the families of veterans

I am not a weepy kind of person, but I have to admit the day we were told that Trump had lost the election I was nearly brought to tears. What a relief! I had a physical reaction as I know many did. TV anchors wept openly. Crowds danced in the streets. The world celebrated a positive after years of Trump’s nasty business.

Today I looked at Trump at an event for Veterans Day and could not help but remember when he called the military a bunch of losers and suckers. Now he will not accept that he is a loser. He looks like a thunder cloud or a petulant child. He really needs to put on his big boy pants and go home.

Remembrance Day is always a time when I get just a bit emotional. Even though the event was different this year because of the virus it was still a great reminder of the sacrifice of many in the military and beyond.

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I was struck by a speech presented by a religious leader in Ottawa who reminded us all about the sacrifice of the families of the military. Many families were separated for years and then of course there were families who were never reunited. Sounds similar to this time in the world.

Someone said to me today. What is wrong with Trump? I Looked at him again and came up with the answer. He’s constipated! Looks like it to me. I am about to suggest he make himself a bowl of porridge.

Oats are loaded with fibre. Antioxidants, magnesium, B1 vitamin and a B5 as well. Rolled oats are said to be a nutrient dense food.

Yesterday morning I made some steel cut oats for breakfast. I boiled the right amount with raisins. I could have cooked it in almond milk, coconut milk or my favourite cream. The texture of the finished product depends on how processed the oats are.

It was suggested to me I could roast a variety of nuts and add that. Topped with fresh or frozen fruit, you are the on the way to a good start for a day.

I do have to say if standing around watching oats boil is not my thing I will use the microwave. Turns out fine and I don’t have a pot to wash. I make enough for a couple days. I won’t be constipated for sure. Give it a try. Seems like this is the season.

God bless our military past and present.

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