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Taking issue over 2nd avenue paving

A reader talks about the town's petitions to get 2nd avenue paved.


On last week’s editorial page in The Interior News they asked if we had any thoughts on the issue of 2nd Ave. paving.  Well, I for one am very frustrated and disappointed with Smithers’ town council.

Prior to purchasing our lot on 4200 block of 2nd Avenue 22 years ago, we asked at the town hall if it would be paved one day.  “Oh yes, within two or three years we plan on having all the streets in Smithers paved” was the reply.  Well, here I am 22 years later living on an unpaved street in the Town of Smithers.

In the 1990s, I signed a petition endorsing the paving of my street at a substantial cost to me.  The petition did pass with the majority of land owners approving the cost sharing proposal with the Town of Smithers.  Still the street was not paved.

Again in 2010, another petition (version 2.0), another majority approval, another council backing out.

I hear through the media (not from the Town of Smithers) that the latest petition has been tossed out and another petition (version 3.0) is in the works.  In the mean time some on council are questioning using tax payer’s money on projects that are not wholly accepted by those who would benefit.  I wonder has there ever been such a scenario.  Some on council are even suggesting maybe repave some streets that are already paved.  While I, a tax payer, would benefit since I drive on that street I wouldn’t support that proposal.  Should that one go ahead?

I wonder if when version 3.0 hits my door the costs will be higher.  I wonder if there will be a council that will accept the results and go ahead.  I wonder if the street will ever be paved.

Andrew Schibli