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Take part in the democratic process

I probably should not mention this week’s topic when I have an idea you are already in a state of high alert and excitement. Here goes anyway: it’s federal election time — again.

Four elections in seven years! Does that seem like a bit of an overkill to you? A change might be the solution for many but the cost of another election might bother some of us. Just the same I find myself in the mindset to contemplate all the issues that matter to so many of us in this region.

You know I have actually spoken to some who tell me that they will not vote because they are angry about another election. Excuse me? To those folks I say don’t complain about the results if you have not been part of the process.

How do I decide who I will vote for? I want to make sure my vote counts for something. I will not vote for some obscure party that does not have a hope of winning.

I will take a close look at the candidates available to us, listen to their comments, read their material and go from there. I will want a member of parliament who has the interests of the majority at heart. We need a member who will listen and engage the citizens.

I counted 19 different parties who could attempt to get a vote here and there.

So, if you are not on the voter’s list or for some reason have your head in the sand, snap out of it! Get on the voter’s list, make a difference and cast your ballot May 2. Check out the dates for advanced polls or absentee ballots. Stay involved.

I am sure some political party will find me at 250-846-5095 or e-mail a note to

Brenda Mallory writes the weekly Spice of Life column.