Smithers Interior News Editorial

Smithers Interior News Editorial

Support local

Our businesses are community and our community is our businesses

First it was COVID-19 that threatened to shutter local businesses and disrupt supply of staple goods.

Now record flooding in southern B.C. is having a exacerbating effect.

If these events have taught us anything, it may be how important community is.

And what is community exactly? It is all of us. The people, businesses, groups and organizations that make a town what it is.

As businesses scrambled to stay alive in the early stages of the pandemic, we responded.

Shop local campaigns were started and customers responded because these are not just companies, they are our neighbours, our friends, our families.

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Vendors came up with innovative ways of delivering their goods and services with online options, curbside pickup and new products.

They did everything in their power to remain competitive during a time when health orders made it ever so tempting to just order from outside.

The Chamber of Commerce stepped up, promoting the need to support each other. The Northern Development Initiative Trust helped out, provided a platform and incentives to keep money where it is most needed, within our local economy.

We are now in the thick of the Christmas shopping season. For many businesses, this is make-or-break time. Consumer good retailers especially depend on holiday shopping to survive.

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Our local retailers are currently doing what they can to make it as convenient as possible to shop locally. Last weekend, many had extended hours on Sunday.

There are plans to see more extended hours as well.

It has been a difficult two years and, while not all have survived, the Smithers we have now is not so much different than the Smithers we had pre-COVID.

Let’s keep it that way, folks.

If there is something you need, chances are you can find it here, for the good of the community.

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