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Stop the cull; wolves not to blame for caribou decline


Dear Editor:

My husband and I live on 260 acres in the Hazeltons. We have photographed several wolves on our property.

We are totally against the BC government’s continued killing of wolves on the basis of declines in caribou populations.

We feel passionate about stopping these atrocious killings when the true culprit of caribou decline is habitat loss, and, according to the news this morning, the blame is also on climate change.

There was no mention of the fact that the government has pointed the finger at wolves this entire time.

Pacific Wild, a highly reputable organization has and continues to work hard to stop these killings. Please check out their website and the various issues they work hard to address.

We will be erecting a billboard south of Smithers this coming summer with a photo we captured with a trail camera. We also have another wolf billboard at the end of our driveway in South Hazelton.

We hope you decide to write an article about this issue that has gone on far too long, and with the public kept uninformed about the killings and the true enemies of the caribou.


Sandra and Dale Bakken